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Do you suffer from hardenings and tensions in your back? Do you have poor circulation or are you under psychological stress?
With all these symptoms an appropriate massage helps.
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Traditional Thai massages belong to the oldest healing methods of mankind. They prevent the most diverse complaints. The methods originating from ancient Siam are basically suitable for everyone and are a blessing for body, mind and soul. A traditional Thai massage combines medical elements such as yoga, acupressure and stretching without creams and oils.

Besides the classic Thai massage, oil, aroma oil and sports massages are among the most popular treatments. A Thai oil massage primarily relieves tension. An aromatic oil massage has a calming or stimulating effect and harmonizes body and soul. A Thai sports massage relaxes the muscles and counteracts muscle ache. A full body peeling cleanses the skin and provides a velvety soft skin experience.

All massages complement the medical aspects of the classic Thai massage with a real feel-good effect. The massage oil used cares for the skin and provides it with moisture. The natural aromatic substances penetrate the body directly through the skin on the one hand and through the sense of smell on the other hand. The beguiling scent of aromatic oils influences the senses - wellness could hardly be more effective.



Thai Oil Massage

The Thai oil massage combines the classic Thai massage with the wellness effect of oils on the skin. It belongs to the wellness massages and serves mainly for relaxation and prevention.

The whole body treatment alleviates complaints such as tension or back pain, promotes blood circulation and stimulates the heart, circulation and muscle system. Especially people with a sedentary occupation often suffer from a stiff back and muscle tension. Thanks to the treatment of local points down to the depths, these blockages can be released.

A Thai oil massage is particularly effective in the form of a soothing relaxation massage. It relieves inner tension and reduces stress. It also prevents muscular tensions. During physical and mental stress, the massage provides a pleasant balance and additionally stimulates the self-healing powers of the body. It also has a positive effect on the circulation as well as on metabolic and purification processes.

The Thai Oil Massage is based on the ancient pattern of the traditional Thai Massage, which essentially consists of two components. On the one hand there are the stretching positions, which originate from passive yoga, and on the other hand there are the stretching movements. Joint mobilisation and pressure point massages complement the two components.
Thai oil massages are a combination of passive yoga and acupressure in connection with the positive influence of the oils used. The stretching and stretching movements as well as the pressure point massages are not carried out as intensively as in a classic Thai massage.

The traditional Thai massage probably originated in India and came to Thailand with Buddhism. According to Ayurvedic teachings, ten energy lines run through the body. These lines are worked on during the massage by gentle stretching and with the help of the ball of the hand, thumbs and other parts of the body.
Thai massage also has influences from traditional Chinese medicine. Massage therapists try to release energetic blockages and promote the flow of Qi by stimulating special energy points and meridians. Qi is the universal energy which, according to traditional Chinese medicine, flows through all living beings and things in the universe. In Asian health care this life energy is of central importance to prevent or cure diseases.
While the traditional Thai massage is performed in the clothed state, the massage therapist presses directly on the body with his or her hands during the Thai oil massage. The oil helps to glide gently over the skin.

A Thai oil massage is mainly for relaxation and prevention - let yourself be pampered, it will do your body good.


30min 60 CHF
60min 110 CHF
120min 210 CHF

Aroma Oil Massage

The aromatic oil massage is a relaxing full body massage for body, mind and soul. Warm oil - in combination with the scents of an essential oil - enchants the senses. This massage technique ensures a heavenly well-being. The natural oils and the fragrant scents help to escape from everyday life and leave stress behind.

The aromatic oil massage combines the traditional Thai massage with a warm oil massage. The combination of heat and massage has an antispasmodic effect. The oil is gently massaged into the skin. The massage movements help to dissolve tensions in the back, shoulders, neck and arms.
As in traditional Thai massage, the Ayurvedic energy lines of the body are worked on and the acupressure points along the spine are stimulated. The therapist uses his hands or fingers to exert light pressure on the selected points. Supplemented by the stretching and pressure methods of classical Thai massage, this dissolves blockages and stimulates the metabolism.

A special component of the aromatic oil massage are the fragrant essential oils. Plant and flower extracts have always played an important role in Asian medicine and healing methods. Today's aromatherapy is one of the alternative healing methods that use essential oils to alleviate illnesses or increase well-being.
The essential oils appeal to the sense of smell, which leads to a sensory perception. This awakens feelings and memories. The aromatic oil massage promotes inner and outer harmony in the body.
The aromatic oil massage cares for and smoothes the skin, provides more elasticity and tightens the connective tissue. The massage oils used have very different effects.
Lemongrass has a firming effect on the tissue and ylang ylang is considered to be moisturizing. The massage oil Arnica strengthens the skin, warms and promotes blood circulation. It also relaxes the muscles and protects against muscle soreness.

Lavender has a cell renewing effect, calms and harmonizes body and mind. It also promotes relaxation and ensures a peaceful sleep. Calendula massage oil, on the other hand, invigorates and provides pleasant warmth, especially for sensitive and delicate skin. Further properties are: It refreshes, makes you happy, strengthens and smoothes the skin. Thus, the massage also serves as a beauty treatment and provides for a velvety soft skin.
However, the scent of the essential oil does not only penetrate the skin. Depending on the fragrance oil, it can also have a mucolytic and cough-relieving effect when inhaled.
A vitalizing oil has a stimulating effect, while a relaxing scent mixture has a calming effect and reduces stress. Especially in the colder season, a massage with warm oil is a pleasure. The warmth has a pleasant effect on the whole body.
After this massage you will feel good inside and outside. The deep relaxation of body and mind is a unique experience that you will not want to miss.


30min 70 CHF
60min 120 CHF
90min 170 CHF
120min 220 CHF

Sport Massage

The Thai Sport Massage combines the advantages of a classic Thai massage with the experience of an aromatic oil massage. The focus is on acupressure. The massage therapist works on the energy lines and pressure points with special pressure techniques and grip types. The muscles are loosened, the body is turned and stretched. The use of a Thai oil loosens even the most stubborn muscle tensions. Particularly tense areas are massaged longer with firmer pressure.
The increased blood circulation accelerates the regeneration process, prevents sore muscles and dissolves any cramps and hardenings that may have developed. The body reaches its full performance capacity much faster.
An appropriate massage time increases the feeling of well-being and ensures long-lasting relaxation. The sports massage is particularly suitable for sports that put strain on the muscles. Cramps, hardening or hyperacidity of the muscles caused by training sessions or competitions can be quickly eliminated.
According to traditional Asian teachings, pressure on certain points and energy lines relieves numerous physical ailments. Acupressure is an important part of traditional Thai massage, which plays an essential role in Thai sports massage. According to western medicine, Thai massage has a positive effect on the following areas:

  • Stimulation of the blood circulation through pressure point massage
  • Muscle relaxation through stretching
  • Promotion of physical mobility through rotation, flexion and extension of the spine
  • Promotes blood and lymph circulation by lifting the legs
  • Blood circulation of the internal organs and stimulation of the metabolism thanks to deep relaxation

A Thai sports massage is recommended before and after sports - either as a vitalising massage before or as a relaxing massage afterwards to avoid sore muscles.
Treat yourself to a soothing sports massage, your muscles will thank you for it.

30min 70 CHF
60min 120 CHF
90min 170 CHF
120min 220 CHF

Body Scrub

Whole body peeling serves for deep cleansing and regeneration of the skin. Dead skin particles are removed, small skin impurities are eliminated. A whole body peeling lets the skin breathe a sigh of relief. It firms the skin and beautifies its appearance.
Full body peeling refreshes bad complexion and helps against pigmentation spots. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines in the long term. It can also help with certain forms of acne. Horny skin areas, such as on the elbows, can disappear.
The largest organ of our body occasionally needs deep cleansing. This cannot always be achieved with your own hands. Gentle peeling promotes blood circulation and provides the skin with moisture. This makes the skin look fresh and healthy again. A full body peeling makes the skin noticeably more beautiful and smoother, it then feels soft and silky.
The Body Scrub can be done with green tea, firming coffee or sea salt.
A full body peeling can be excellently combined with a relaxing wellness massage. Just try it - it is worth it.


  • Deep cleansing of pore enzymes (cleaning pores and improving and clarifying texture)
  • A non-aggressive peeling with a gentle brush removes dead cells and dirt from the skin surface and activates the skin metabolism.
  • Foam cream normalises the skin's moisture balance and relieves tension.


60 min body scrub with oil massage 170 CHF
90 min body scrub with special treatment cream massage 350 CHF
120 min body scrub with special treatment cream 450 CHF