About us


The Malaisri Luxury Thai Massage Studio in the heart of Zurich welcomes you warmly.
When you enter our premises, all stress and hecticness will fall away from you. Thai cordiality awaits you.
In our exotic world you will find peace and relaxation. Simply switch off and enjoy the benefits - let your soul dangle.

Our studio in the heart of Zurich has a unique ambience. It is an oasis of well-being and a source of new energy. Pleasant light, unobtrusive music and an exciting scent will stimulate your senses.
Let us pamper you.
Fill up with new energy for your professional and everyday life. Ancient Thai therapies, combined with the latest knowledge, will help you to fight tension and pain.

The art of massage has a long tradition in Thailand. For centuries it has been used for health care and healing. It is practiced in hospitals and is offered in a modified form in the tourism industry. Since the 1990s it found its way to the West and is now widely used.
Our massage studio is a stylishly furnished luxury oasis.

We offer you a competent service. Our staff is excellently trained and is waiting to pamper you.

The Malaisri Thai Massage Studio

Our studio is centrally located in the city of Zurich.
A wonderful ambience ensures your well-being. Subdued light, subtle music and a beguiling scent will enliven your senses. Let yourself be pampered in a pleasant atmosphere and draw new energy for everyday life.
Our Thai wellness massages relax and revitalise at the same time. Ancient therapies, updated with the latest knowledge, help against pain and discomfort. Trust in our first-class trained staff and our competent and perfect service.